As a senior club member, or older junior, you will have your own account so you can log into the website and manage all your own details. Some of the basics about this are explained in our post getting started with our web app.

However, for younger juniors, parents or carers will need to do this on their behalf.

You will need to get in touch with us to set this up, and there are three steps:

STEP 1: Create yourself a free account

In order to manage your juniors, you will need to be able to log in yourself. To create an account, simply go to and follow the process. Remember to consent to WhatsApp if you want to be added to the WhatsApp groups to get important information about sessions and events.

STEP 2: Send us some details about your juniors

We will manually create accounts for your junior(s). To do that, we need the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Emergency contact details (if other than you)
  • Any health conditions
  • Any regular medication taken
  • Any allergies
  • An injury history (not just current/recent injuries)
  • Any vulnerabilities (physical or mental)
  • Whether or not you consent to them being included in photos that we may use in publicity from time to time (including social media and press). Please consent if you can as it really helps us encourage other juniors to take part.

Send this information to where our head coach will ensure the information is securely added to our website.

Once we have done this, we will also grant your account consent to manage the junior account(s). We will also send you links to the relevant WhatsApp groups and our private members Facebook group if you would like to do that.

STEP 3: Manage your junior account

At this point you are good to go!

When you login, you will now see a blue button in the bottom right of your screen labelled switch profile. If you click on this, you will be able to switch between your own profile and the junior profile(s). Click on a junior, and you will now be interacting with the website as if you were logged in as them. The switch profile button will now be red to warn you that you aren’t interacting as yourself, and tell you then name of the junior you are acting on behalf of.

From here, you can use the website as usual, but some things you will definitely want to do are:

  • Check your juniors profile: you should check that we have recorded all of the details correctly for your junior by going to their profile page – from the menu choose profile (and then profile again if you are on a mobile phone). If anything needs updating, scroll down and click the edit button, make any changes, and then click save.
  • Sign your junior up as a member: to do this, use the menu to navigate to club > membership. This will show you the membership options that are open to your junior, which vary depending on their age. Choose the appropriate membership option, not forgetting to take advantage of the family discount for the second and subsequent members from your household! You will be guided through to the payment screen. Once paid, your junior is a member! We will register them with England Athletics, which normally takes a couple of weeks (but can be fast-tracked sometimes if there is an urgency, for example upcoming competition).
  • Get your junior their club vest and/or other kit: you can do as any member (e.g. your junior) – members get access to some items that are not available to non-members, and also get discounts on some items.
  • Let us know when your junior(s) plan to come to a session: on the home page, you will see the upcoming sessions. Club sessions are usually shown a week ahead, but some sessions and events are shown further in advance, particularly when you need to register separately for them. Next to each session, you will see a not sure button – click on this and you can let us know if your junior is coming to that session or not. Please let us know 24h in advance if possible, and if things change, don’t worry, but please do remember to update the website so we know who is coming. This helps us make sure the session is well prepared and suitable for those attending.

Take a look at our post getting started with our web app for a bit more information about what you can do with the website, and if you have any problems or question, please email or post in the members WhatsApp group.

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