How to join?

When juniors join the club, they must have a parent or carer who can manage their club registration and keep their profile and plans to attend sessions up to date on their behalf.

Step 1: Registering yourself

The first step is for the parent or carer to create an account on the website so they can log-in. This is necessary so that you can safely access and update your junior’s information.

To do this, simply go to our registration page and follow the instructions. All the details you provide should be your details as the parent or carer.

If you are already a member, or have already registered, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Registering your junior

Once you’ve set-up your own account, you can visit the membership section and a little way down the page you will find a button to take you to “register a junior or someone else”.

Click this button and then follow the instructions. All the details you provide should be your child’s details.

At this point you might want to arrange to come along for a taster session before committing to membership. Get in touch with us either via email at or via our Facebook page.

You will also notice that when you are logged in to our website, you will now have a blue button at the bottom right of the screen to “switch profile”. If you click on this it will allow you to switch to your junior (or one of your juniors if you have more than one) and you are now interacting with the website on behalf of the junior.

This is how you can keep their information up to date and take other actions on their behalf, like letting us know they are coming to a session, registering for an event, or simply finding out what is happening.

At any time you can switch back to your own account, or to another junior’s account, by clicking the “switch profile” button again (which will be red when you aren’t interacting as yourself).

Step 3: Select the membership option for your junior and join the club

The final step is to choose the membership option for your junior, and pay their membership fee.

To do this, go to the membership section and the use the blue “switch profile” button to switch to your junior. If you don’t see this button, you may have to login first – follow the link on the page if this is the case. You will now see the membership options that are open to them.

Membership options depend mostly on age. Under 12s can only join as athletics members because at that age it is important that they have the opportunity to try all the events before specializing on anything in particular.

Once juniors reach the age of 12, they can begin to specialize if they want to. If they decide they only want to run off-track, then they have the option to become a junior running member. Alternatively they can continue as a full athletics member which includes all the running activities on-track and off-track and athletics throws and jumps.

If there is already someone else in your household who is a HARC member, you can take advantage of the £10 ‘family discount’.

Pick the membership option you want, tick the box to confirm you understand what we do with your data, and click ‘join now’. Follow the instructions which will allow you to pay the membership fee online.

For more information, please contact