HARC – Hambleton Athletics and Running Club – is a friendly, coaching-led athletics and running club covering the Hambleton area of North Yorkshire, based in Bedale and Northallerton.

We believe that enjoying our sports is the key ingredient, and we design everything we do around supporting our members and participants in our programmes to keep in touch with what they love about their chosen sports.

We have a well established group of running members and our throws, jumps and sprints activities are growing. We welcome adults (seniors) and young people (juniors) of any ability – complete beginners and experienced athletes alike. We have a range of activities across the full spectrum of athletic events, and suitable for all.

We love to travel around for ‘away runs’ in new places and old favourites, and use these as an opportunity to meet up with our members from across the Hambleton district too.

Club Principles

Our club principles set out the values and ethos of our members…


At HARC, our members are like family. We believe that everyone involved in athletics and running should thrive, fare well and enjoy safety, security and protection from abuse, maltreatment or misconduct. Every individual involved in the club is responsible for upholding this belief. We recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure the highest standard of care to all involved in athletics and running (including children, young people and vulnerable adults). Members are always there to support each other: in person, through our buddy system, virtually and via our social media.


At HARC, we fully embrace England Athletics’ mission to grow opportunities for everyone to experience athletics and running, and for them to reach their full potential. We do this by recognising the wide variety of motivations with which people come to the club, such as physical and mental health, athletic performance, social interaction and more. Our sessions and programmes are designed with these different needs in mind from a position of knowledge and understanding.
We train and educate our members, and seek outside expertise when necessary, to support them in all of their athletic endeavours. Safety is key and all of our coaching volunteers are England Athletics accredited. Opportunities are available for all members to join the team to develop their own coaching journey as well as serve the club members.


At HARC, we appreciate that each individual has their own reasons for joining a running and athletics club. Your aims might be to improve your health and fitness, develop your performance or simply to be with friends and have fun. Whether you are an experienced runner, an athlete returning from injury or transferring from another sport, or a complete beginner just taking the first steps off the sofa, our group sessions cater not only for all abilities and disabilities, and people from all backgrounds, but also for all motivations. We recognise that every member has their own goals, objectives and preferences; our coaches and leaders make sure that group sessions are tailored accordingly, and that individual advice and support is always available. Our club is for everyone – whatever it is you want from a club, HARC can offer it!


At HARC, we understand that our members’ motivations for taking part in physical activity are many: losing weight, advancing technical skills, improving fitness, raising money/awareness for a cause/charity, relieving stress, developing performance, or making new friends. As well as the physical benefits that running and athletics can provide, they can also be a fantastic way to socialise with people from all walks of life, enjoy time to yourself, experience a sense of freedom, develop increased self-awareness, and feel better mentally and emotionally. Our club sessions aim to allow our members to take advantage of these benefits.
We recognise that our activities do not all need to be focussed on ‘winning’ – we want our members to enjoy their journeys, no matter what their goals may be. We value and reward participation at all levels, promise to nurture new and developing talent, and encourage everyone to have fun whilst achieving their objectives.

Hambleton Athletics and Running Club Ltd is a private company limited by guarantee (company registration number 12753206).