HARC’s cross country team ventured out for the second time last weekend to take on the Foxrush course. The race involved two or three laps (dependent on the category entered) through woodlands and across two rather large ditches, which Hugh likened to Becher’s Brook without the water! This time, the group arrived looking very professional on the minibus (kindly lent to us by Dementia Forward), equipped with a tent (thank you, Hugh) and the new club flag.

The team did HARC proud again with the following times:

Diego Segura​Senior Men​35:45 (14th in category)

Craig Keedy​Men V50​36:21 (4th in category)

Phill Heward​Men V45​42:57 (27th in category)

Ruth Hancock​Women V50​40:34 (17th in category)

Hugh Jenyns​Men V70​44:41 (6th in category)

Diego said, “It was a good, flat, fast race with perfect weather conditions. Training sessions are having a positive effect on us and we are getting faster and more competitive.”

Fantastic efforts from our HARC representatives, not least of all getting the tent back in the bag afterwards. Well done, everyone! Thank you to Chris, Gemma, Kay and Harley for going along to support the team – the clapping and enthusiastic shouting really spurred on our runners.

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