AWARD: “Mighty Oak” for improvement


As a coaching-led club, one of the things we value is improvement and progress. This award recognizes that progress – athletes that from a small acorn have become mighty oaks.

How is a winner chosen?

It is calculated based on how much closer to the event’s national record (if available) the athlete has managed to get compared to the previous year.

To ensure this is a fair comparison, the same record performance is used to compare both last year’s and this year’s performances. This is to avoid a change in age grouping having a disproportionate effect on improvement.

The athlete must also have taken part in a minimum of five events conducted under England Athletics rules in both years. This is to avoid a single, unrepresentative performance skewing the results.

The records used are at the end of each period (1st September), and are age graded. The record data is based on that published by England Athletics and the British Masters Athletics Federation.

Athlete performance is based on England Athletics data published on The Power of 10.

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