An evening of non-running fun saw Sara Sherwood take the crown, I mean golden shoe, at HARC Does Taskmaster.

Our five adventure loving stars took on the challenges set by Katy Bamber to see which of them could ‘think outside of the box’. Much hilarity ensued, with trying to guess the pie-fillings, drawing 97 monsters and a lesson in how not to do star jumps given by Marc Blair.

Head coach, Chris Lees, had the unenviable task of awarding the scores. The evening followed the format of the comedy show which airs on Channel 4.

Imogen Robinson had a great time reading the challenges; Andrew Garner failed to win over the judge with his pleas for points, and Michelle Slade produced her own beautiful jigsaw. A special mention to Sarah Higo for putting herself on the line as a last-minute stand-in – boy, can that girl fold a towel!

Huge thanks to our juniors, Coco and Katie-Beth, for working so hard on the production team with Lindsey Mildren, Sarah Higo, and our versions of the TM and Little Alex Horne.

Looking forward to the next one! Who’s up for it?

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