On Saturday 19th June, 15 members of Hambleton Athletics and Running Club took part in the Fleetham Cup, a series of regular road time trials organised by Yorkshire Race Walking Club. Participants may choose to run or walk any multiple of 5km in these events.

Our 5k runners were simply fantastic and achieved the following times:

Craig Keedy – 19:42 (2nd place in the 5k event)
Chris Lees – 22:42
Rich Schofield – 22:45
Kay Kelly – 25:01
Charlie Villers – 28:45
Andrea Lingwood – 29:24
Sarah Hill – 32:06
Lisa Kirby – 32:34
Lauren van Buuren – 34:58
Tony Jowett – 35:32
Alice Inglis – 35:32
Denise Spence – 37:17
Jackie Glass – 38:21
Sarah Milford – 41:11
Jo Hill – 43:30

Special mentions…

• Craig went on to complete a second lap and finished his 10k run in 39:15 – the fastest 10k time recorded at the event!

• Rich also took on an extra 5k, finishing in 45:53 which gave him 3rd place in the 10k.

• Charlie just kept on going and completed five laps of the course, totalling 25km, in 2:20:40.

• Congratulations to all of our recent C25k graduates, who took on this challenge as their first ever official running event.

• Thanks to Alasdair, Hugh, Bridget, Chris, Gemma, Alice, Rich and Kay, whose marshalling contributions put HARC at the top of the Fleetham Cup table.

Overall, HARC were victorious in the team rankings, just pipping the YRWC team to first place. We would like to say a huge well done and thank you to all who took part, and extend our gratitude to Yorkshire Race Walking Club for another welcoming, well-organised event.

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